Sustainable, natural render that doesn’t cost the earth

Corksol UK Ltd is dedicated to the distribution of innovative, natural render products which meet the needs of the construction industry in an age driven by sustainability. The company prides itself on robust environmental credentials and has an ambitious vision to change the future of building facades, offering a superior, high performance solution which is 100% sustainable.

Corksol first started trading in 2014, exclusively distributing an eco-friendly render solution to the UK market following the discovery of SprayCork in Europe, which was being used to render modular housing.

A key product within the company’s growing portfolio of eco-conscious products, SprayCork is a natural cork render designed to offer a sustainable façade and internal plaster solution for new and existing residential projects, as well as commercial and industrial builds.

A high-performance spray-applied cork coating, SprayCork provides a thermal, breathable, acoustic solution for walls and roofs to independent applicators and the roofing trade as well astheir end-clients.

Championed by Kevin McCloud, presenter of TV’s Grand Designs as a ‘green hero’, and winner of Build It’s Best Sustainable Product Award 2020, SprayCork is an alternative to traditional plaster and render products. The product itself is manufactured in Spain, where there is a high volume of cork – the raw material needed to make the render. The bark is stripped from the tree and grows back naturally over time, meaning there is no long lasting impact on the environment, unlike quarried materials.

With sustainable, cost effective builds becoming more desirable across the board, choosing to use SprayCork not only adds environmental credentials, but it is proven to deliver high-performance insulation properties and protect homes against damp and mould. Ideal for renovations and rental properties, SprayCork is purposely designed to be applied to internal walls where thermal bridging and cold spots are a problem.

From its base in Brighouse, West Yorkshire, Corksol UK is run by a small team of staff who are dedicated to the operation and distribution of the render across the country. The company’s goal is to be recognised as the UK market-leader in providing innovative, spray-applied wall and roofing coating solutions to the independent applicator trade by April 2023. Alongside this, the company seeks to develop a fully trained, certified applicator network who can prepare and apply Corksol products to the highest standards.

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