Birmingham University proudly claims to be “the global university at the heart of an ambitious city” and – as befits one of the “Top 100” universities in the world – is in the midst of a 10 year campus investment plan costing £1 billion. The current phase, to be completed in 2021, will see the opening of facilities worth £365 million and the University has now announced Phase 2 of its capital masterplan, which outlines new projects between 2022 – 2026.
That makes the recent work that Weatherite Air Conditioning Limited has undertaken for the University even more significant: The design, manufacture, supply and installation of a new plantroom on their current project was a great order in itself but it will also hopefully open the door for many more projects in the future.

Birmingham – based Manstal Limited, a building services company specialising in electrical and mechanical installations, approached WACL when another supplier had failed to provide the proactive service that Manstal were looking for: By comparison, they visited Weatherite and were impressed by our “can do” attitude, innovative approach and ability to design and build a bespoke plantroom in two sections and join them on-site.
As ever, offering the best solution at the right price and ensuring that we hit tight deadlines was also critical, but were proud to say that after a tough examination, Weatherite passed with flying colours!

WASL design, manufacture, test and pre-commission bespoke packaged plantrooms to suit each client’s specific requirement and, with over 40 years expertise, they deliver a highly efficient, energy saving, quality solution incorporating the very latest component innovation and energy saving capabilities.

Weatherite Air Conditioning Ltd is part of the £40m Weatherite Group, one of the UK’s leading HVAC and building organisations.

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