New 3M safety helmet range delivers peak performance and comfort

3M, the science-based technology company, has launched its SecureFit Safety Helmet X5000 Series, featuring exclusive Pressure Diffusion Technology from 3M to reduce forehead pressure and a ratchet suspension for complete height and fit comfort. 

From those working in construction, manufacturing and telecommunications to workers in the oil, gas, wind utilities and forestry industries, the innovative components of these two new models – the SecureFit Safety Helmet X5000 and SecureFit Safety Helmet X5500 from 3M- are engineered for high performance.

Whether working on the ground or at height, the SecureFit Safety Helmet from 3M offers comfortable, secure protection that includes a wide range of benefits for the wearer. Pressure Diffusion Technology helps reduce forehead pressure by 20 per cent on average compared to 3M conventional helmets and a six-point smooth, easy-turning ratchet suspension system offers custom fit.

In addition to these comfort features, the SecureFit Safety Helmet X5000 Series from 3M has also been designed to incorporate climbing-helmet features such as multiple levels of vertical adjustment and a brimless design to help with upward vision. The helmets are customisable and range additions include a variety of visors, faceshields, reflective kits and other accessories to meet specific job requirements. There are also accessory slots, designed to hold earmuffs and communication products as well as integrated clips to help hold elastic bands used with goggles and headlamps from 3M.

The helmets come with a Uvicator UV indicator from 3M, a proprietary indicator that lets the wearer know when to replace the helmet due to ultraviolet light exposure which can lead to the plastic in the helmet casing becoming brittle.

Built to meet EN Compliance Standard, the SecureFit Safety Helmet X5000 Series from 3M also has a four-point chin strap, unique to 3M head protection products, that can be configured to meet different demands. For example, the wearer can convert vented helmets between the EN12492 Helmets for Mountaineers or EN397 Industrial Safety Helmets, as well as meets EN50365 Insulating Helmets for use on low voltage installations up to 1000 V standard.

Scott Blakelock, technical specialist for the Personal Safety Division at 3M says: “Our priority is providing the greatest comfort without compromising safety or compliance. Based on customer feedback, these models offer greater comfort and security.” For additional information on the new SecureFit Safety Helmet X5000 Series visit

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