3M introduces enhanced Maintenance-Free Reusable Half Mask, 4000+ series

3M, the science-based technology company, has significantly improved breathing ease and comfort of its most popular reusable respirator,1 the Maintenance-Free Reusable Half Mask, 4000+ Series. 

The mask now features a redesigned valve assembly that helps reduce exhalation-breathing resistance by over 30 per cent.2 In combination with the electret particulate filter media by 3M, the 4000+ offers users improved exhalation breathing resistance at higher work rates.3

Originally launched 25 years ago, the 4000+ Series has been 3M’s best-selling reusable respirator with health and safety managers across Europe.4

4000+ Series Respirators are made from bonded carbon technology which allows the respirator to sit close to the face and fit well under other personal protection equipment. 3M’s advanced filter technology also allows for a low-profile, providing a wide field of vision which further improves wearability.

An integrated cartridge and filters mean the respirators are ready to use with no assembly or maintenance required.

Applications of use may include grinding, sanding, light welding, spraying, maintenance, blasting, cleaning, forging, cutting, polishing and painting. Four options are available with varying protection levels, allowing users to choose a mask fit for their requirements.

For additional information on the new Maintenance-Free Reusable Half Mask, 4000+ Series from 3M, visit  3M.co.uk/4000plus

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