HAE EHA Conference Holywell Park, Loughborough

Tuesday 2nd October 2018

How future technology can inspire growth in the Hire industry may be the theme of the forthcoming HAE EHA Conference at Loughborough on October 2, but one speaker has the radical idea that doing away with your mobile devices could lead to a more creative way of thinking.

Keynote speaker Dr Jack Lewis, a leading neuroscientist, whose topic is ‘Neuroscience of decision making and how technology is changing our brain’, is bound to give members food for thought by explaining that putting aside their electronic gadgetry, even for a short period, can unclutter the mind and produce brainwaves!

Whilst shockwaves from the collapse of Carillion that were felt across the country earlier this year, HAE EHA believe there are still reasons to be cheerful and this is echoed by an upbeat message from David Rockhill of McKinsay & Company, who will reflect on ‘The Changing Face of the Construction Industry and Opportunities for Hire’.

Attracting young people into Hire is an ongoing challenge for companies. This topic will be addressed by Mark Woolaston, of ITV Business Development Team with his presentation on how to engage and recruit 16-24-year-olds.

Raising awareness of the great job opportunities the hire industry has to offer the young is vital for its future, says HAE EHA Managing Director, Graham Arundell. He said: “We need to ensure a steady stream of talented people who show the skills and commitment required to successfully deliver high quality work on time.

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