Contractors improve profit margins with new bid software

myConsole has launched a free individual user, pre-construction GO/ NO GO Pipeline Management CRM.

Contractors can improve their margin by 1% to 2% by using myConsole, an intelligent pre-construction workflow productivity tool that allows them to avoid abortive bidding and refocus previously wasted resources on bids which have a higher win rate.

myConsole’s 2014 BIDCOST Survey with the University of Reading found that overall between 2.5% to 3% of contractors’ turnover was spent on bidding and the average industry wide lost bid cost for contractors was £44k with a 1:5 win rate. myConsole applies a consistent set of weighted factors to calculate a winscore for each bid in their pipeline, improving win rates to 1:2 and better.

myConsole’s unique winscore algorithm identifies bids contractors cannot win, so bid resources can be earlier deployed on bids contractors have the highest chance of winning. The system also identifies what actions need to be undertaken to improve the probability of winning.

This free, “go, no go” bid assessment CRM platform digitises all a company’s work winning processes in one collaborative platform, delivering real-time insights that improve win rates and profit margins through cost savings and improved efficiencies. Sign up today at

Real-time dashboards and data analytics encourage management to focus on activities that fulfil maximum business potential. Dashboards include bid performance, pipeline, planning and key client review.

For more information, or to arrange a demonstration, please contact Philip Collard on or 07973501599

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