Total Capability in Fire Glass Protection

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of specialist security and fire resistant glasses, CGI International (CGII) has supplied high quality, cost-effective solutions for a broad portfolio of prestigious buildings throughout the world, including Hong Kong Airport, Houses of Parliament, Manchester Airport, Ikea, Ritz London, Holiday Inn Expresses, Travel Inn, Marks & Spencer, Royal Mail, Nomura Bank, Granada TV Studios and Warwick Castle.

Indeed, the range of fire glasses offered by CGII is the widest range from any single manufacturer in the world, with the company’s aim being to provide fire glass users with a single supply source for all their needs, from basic integral wired glass, with a number of un-wired products, and including a fully insulated fire glass with performances of 30/30; 60/60; 90/90 and 120/120.

Protection by Design

Aside from the threat to life, fire can have dire economic consequences, with the average cost of a fire to a commercial building being £58,100. Moreover, it is statistically proven that an increase in the number of fires is more likely during a recession: In 2008 alone there was a 16% increase in the insured cost of fires in the UK to £1.3 billion. This, in tandem with the fact that more and more commercial buildings are opting for open-plan layouts and glass that is being used as both a practical and design led material of choice, means that the onus on fire safe products and building techniques has never been greater.

With this in mind, CGII is committed to playing a vital role in ensuring the safety of buildings’ occupants whilst minimising financial loss in the event of fire.

Fire glass products can be grouped into three main categories. The first is integrity only (E) which prevents flames and hot gasses from spreading for a specified time – typically from between 30 and 60 minutes. The second is integrity and insulating glass (EI), which has the same ability as integrity glass but also restricts the temperature transfer to the unexposed face. The third option is integrity and radiation control glass (EW), which not only offers integrity but also offers some radiant heat control which significantly reduces the amount of heat transmitting through the glass.

CGI’s Steve Goodburn explained: “Wired safety glass is a good integrity product but we’re increasingly finding that the construction trade and end clients are making assumptions that this will afford them the very highest protection when that’s not the case.

“Recently I was talking to the development director of a major hotel chain, who was shocked to learn how much protection an integrity and insulation glass could offer. He was unaware that basic integrity only fire glasses only offered protection from the spread of flame in a fire, but offered no protection against the full radiant heat effect. He soon realised that the difference in fire glazing products could make the difference between a repairable building and one ready for demolition.”

CGII has been working hard to educate its customers and the supply chain about the available options and the differences between different product types, and because of this an increasingly risk averse audience has begun to emerge and customers are starting to specify-up. Building regulations may not demand it, but peace of mind certainly is.

Furthermore, while CGII currently offers the best solutions around, it also invests heavily in research and development, most recently investing significantly in on-site research and development facilities in order to allow it to continue to develop technical capabilities. Whatever your requirements, therefore, call CGII on 01942 710720 for the best advice, the best products to suit your budget!

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