There Cannot be a Crisis Next Week – My Schedule is Already Full!

After a quick discussion, the management at Thames Roofing & Paving decided that in direct contrast to many of its competitors it would NOT be taking part in the current recession.

This means it has not been cutting costs; it has not been cutting jobs; it will not be complaining about the cost of fuel; and it will not be offering silly discounts in order to bribe new customers. The company has, however, expanded, opening two new branches, in Enfield and Rainham, in addition to purchasing three new vehicles.

Thames Roofing & Paving is a business that has always been committed to supplying the very finest products in tandem with a friendly and knowledgeable service. Moreover, it is continually responding to customer wishes and demands, which has meant that over the last few years it has increased its stock profile dramatically, and is now more akin to a builders’ merchant than a specialist roofing and paving firm … although its expertise in the latter is still unrivalled.

So although the market is incredibly difficult at the moment, Thames Roofing & Paving is confident that its quartet of outlets will continue to grow and expand. And this will be fuelled by the fact that its Enfield office, for instance, opens its doors as early as 6.00am, closing at 5.30pm, and is also busy on Saturday afternoons when most of its competitors are closed. The team at Rainham open even earlier, at 5.30am, although they do ‘head home for tea’ at 4.30pm. As can be clearly seen, this is a business that goes that extra mile to ensure both its own and its customers’ success.

The company’s performance is particularly impressive in a depressed market, with Thames Roofing & Paving continuing to win new customers, primarily through recommendation, in its operating area of south and east England, and as far west as the M4 corridor. This is because, renowned throughout the industry for its passion and quality philosophy, Thames Roofing & Paving has set itself apart in a fiercely competitive industry and established a new standard in terms of customer service.

Of course, with four branches and a growing army of customers, Thames Roofing & Paving has had to attract and retain some of the most talented and highly qualified people in the industry – and it has. People are its prime resource and are key to its success, because each individual is a specialist with vast experience in his field of expertise.

It should go without saying then, that when you need practical cost-effective solutions you should call one organisation first – Thames Roofing & Paving! Simply telephone 01992 767009.

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