Task Green Flood Barrier

With flooding effecting the whole of the UK year in year out, Flood Protection has become a major necessity to many households and businesses. Insurance companies can only compensate financially and can never cover the real cost of irreplaceable possessions, time of recovering and emotional issues caused from these catastrophes.

Not only the high risk areas are susceptible to flooding, with increasing flash floods caused by torrential rain and blocked drains, lower risk areas are being hit which have never had flooding before.

Broadcasted annually in the media, flooding is a real threat to over 5 million people according to the Environmental Agency. The time to act has never been so essential.

The revolutionary new Task Green Flood Barrier is a multi-purpose fence which protects properties from flooding. The design of this 100% recycled product is not only environmentally friendly, but is also recyclable at the end of its extremely long life span.

The innovative composite polymer material is structured with internal cavities providing great strength; resistance to water, U/V deterioration and most chemicals. Wires for lights, CCTV or any other purpose can be fed through the fence for protection and improved appearances. The product requires minimal maintenance and has a life span several times that of timber products. The composite polymer can be drilled, sawn, screwed or glued for a permanent fix.

One of the other more popular uses for the fencing system is as a sound barrier. The material together with the board’s design of interior air space provides a sound absorbent construction greatly reducing decibel levels. In addition, the grooved surface of the board also acts to break up the sound waves hitting the panel and deflecting the noise. This makes the system ideal for the side of motorways and places where housing is situated near busy roads.

Temporary flood protection is provided by embedding one or more boards below ground surface between post lengths (dependent on subsoil conditions). Rapid assembly is then achieved by fixing posts onto the already embedded underground upright supports with the use of steel inserts, and then sliding the boards in the slotted grooves in each post. Following on from this, tightening the top boards on with the board clamp provides the water tight seal required.

Permanent barriers can be assembled by following the same process and applying the special adhesive supplied with the fencing system. The posts supplied come complete with angled slots so curved formations can be formed to suit any desired need.

The Task Green Flood Fence has recently undergone rigorous testing independently by Environmental Enterprises. The conclusion of this

5 day assessment has shown that McArthur’s Flood Barrier has achieved PAS 1188-4:2009 Standards and can withstand water levels of up to 900mm in static, random wave and parallel current conditions.

All of the 7 tests resulted in Zero Leakage!

The test conditions represent typical conditions that may be experienced during a flood. This includes structural failure under static water levels, random waves up to 0.1m high and parallel currents up to 1.0 m/s. Water temperatures during the testing ranged from 16.6˚C to 20.4˚C.

Leak tests were carried out for up to 18 hours in 300mm, 600mm and 900mm depths in static conditions along a 4 metre span of Flood Fence.

The results from the 48 hour tests at both one third and two thirds depth showed that the Task Green Flood Fence was successful at meeting the specified leakage standard.

Task Green Flood Barrier not only provides great strength and resistance against water, UV deterioration and most chemicals, it can also act as a boundary fence, sound barrier, agricultural pen and marine decking. It can be assembled rapidly for permanent or temporary use whilst requiring minimal maintenance, lasting 3 to 10 times longer than timber products.

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