Stop Theft Before it Happens!

MLS, formerly Meck Lock System, is a patented proven anti theft system that is sold throughout the world, and has been on sale in the UK since 2000, longer than any other plant mechanical immobiliser, where it has Thatcham P2, P3 and H3 approval.

When developing Meck Solution in 1987, the designer wanted to produce a system that actually stopped the theft happening rather producing another annoying alarm or electronic system that can be easily bypassed. He also wanted to develop a system specifically for plant equipment that was durable and appropriate for the construction environment.

Realising that if you can stop the vehicle being driven away the designer developed a mechanical system that achieves this design requirement by isolating the hydraulic or pneumatic system. This simple but effective idea has seen MLS not only survive over the last 23 years, while many security companies went under, but actually increase worldwide sales year on year by an average of 30%.

MLS is, for instance, the selected security system for Llynch Plant Hire, which is in the process of covering its entire fleet. Many other large fleet operators and smaller owners have MLS installed, with over 12,000 vehicles covered in the UK and over 150,000 worldwide.

The first plant security company to become Thatcham Approved Installers (TRI), MLS offers a nationwide installation service through its own engineers or through a highly trained approved installer. Moreover, it works closely with insurance companies and finance companies to ensure insurance discounts, while a variety of finance deals are available to make purchase as simple as possible.

As the country slowly recovers from what has been a deep and biting recession, sales have increased significantly at MLS over the past 12 months; in fact, they are very nearly back to 2008 levels. MLS proved its strength through the recession, where many security companies struggled, thanks to its loyal customer base. The future, therefore, looks genuinely bright, with MLS employing not only more engineers, but also taking on additional approved installers.

MLS is the leading hydraulic/pneumatic mechanical immobiliser. It has an application for whatever type of vehicle you own. MLS can protect your entire fleet, even if that is made up of plant, HGVs, vans and cars. It does not matter what type of fuel they use, as the system isolates the hydraulics and the pneumatics. To find out more, visit

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