SDS Scales Up Capacity to Meet Sustainable Drainage Demand

Demonstrating that there’s no holding back the sustainable sector, SDS the surface and storm water management company, has turned in 6 months’ åç for year to date 46% up on last year, taking its annual turnover to £12 million for year ending 31 May 2010.

Such is the demand for the company’s products and services that its 3 manufacturing facilities in the UK and Ireland have been running at full capacity producing material for surface water, waste water and energy sectors – indeed it’s become the biggest user in the UK of grade B recycled PVC, the plastic material that the products are made from. Although the company recognises that it has just gone through a high growth period, it is nevertheless scaling up its manufacturing capability by investing in new machinery which will increase production capacity by 100%.Commenting on the company’s success, SDS Sales and Marketing Director Richard Averley said, “We have a well proven sustainable drainage system for meeting the requirements of the imminent floods bill and the WRc Code of Practice which is why we are experiencing such high demand. With our expansion of production we will now be able to satisfy all future levels of business that we will foresee.”In line with the growth experienced, SDS has expanded its management team and its services division.As well as large scale road infrastructure projects such as the current M25 widening scheme, SDS is supplying its sustainable drainage systems for the groundworks during construction of many big name supermarket sites, schools, major hospital developments and it also works in conjunction with many of the UK water companies for the successful control of surface and storm water.

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