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A family-owned business that has manufactured and supplied veneered and laminate faced doors, panels alongside machined timber based components and performance door sets since 1983, Barking-based Holloway Products has been built on a philosophy of high quality and rapid response.

Expanded steadily since its formation by increasing its product range and investing substantially in up to the minute equipment, including the latest CNC technology, the company today occupies a prominent position in the marketplace, supplying a range of products to discerning customers across the South of England. Holloway Products’ main business is door manufacturing, featuring traditionally hand inlaid designs that are created to the customer’s own specific requirements. These include standard good quality non-fire rated doors with veneer or laminate, with or without vision panels.Fire doors or door sets are available with frames and architraves to conform with FD30, FD60, FD120 ratings, fully certified.The company can also supply doors and door-sets to high acoustic attenuation levels and security ratings, incorporating all necessary performance enhancing seals, in addition to a full range of apertures and fire resistant glazing to suit individual requirements frames are produced to suit any opening and are available in hardwood or softwood, fire rated, grooved and fitted with intumescent strips, fully finished, primed or polished.All doors and frames are made to measure and there is no minimum order.Holloway Products supplies its range of laminated panels to a number of environments, including offices, hotels, restaurants, schools and hospitals, all of our products meet excellent standards of quality and safety. The company’s high quality panel and veneered door ranges are made to the customer’s exact specifications, no matter how complex they may be. A large part of Holloways Products’ production is in veneered or laminated components to be used for the manufacture of kitchens, wardrobes, credenzas, tables of all types, from large boardrooms to specialist coffee tables. These components can be sized and machined to the customer’s exact specifications, then either supplied in the white or polished and wrapped for protection. Indeed, unlike a lot of manufacturers, Holloway Products is not just about doors, with the company having completed many panelling projects, such as boardrooms, lobbies, lift interiors, hotel rooms and meeting rooms. Panels are also available fire rated or moisture resistant. Many of the old skills that have been forgotten elsewhere are still alive today at Holloway Products.  It still produces the complicated patterns and inlays that came out of the East End of London before the war.  Unfortunately, the old craftsmen who worked for Holloway Products in Stratford when the firm was founded by Michael Olver (still the owner today) are no longer with us.  However, they left us a legacy by passing on their talents to the current generation and it is the company’s intention to maintain this continuity. Holloway Products is very fortunate to have two presses and the capacity for larger pieces of work. Moreover, anything that the company can veneer can also be laminated. Laminated doors, for example, are a popular choice for schools, hotels and hospitals.  Holloway Products specialises in producing high spec impact absorbing Acrovyn clad doors, as well as producing laminated panels for a number of different applications, including toilets and washrooms. All joinery components, doors, work surfaces are available in a wide range of hard wearing laminate finishes. Simply tell Holloway Products what you want and they will provide it!Holloway Products is proud of its two modern CNC woodworking machines, both of which are capable of machining virtually anything you can possibly want, including sign writing and 3D carving from photographs and artwork. The company has even made very recognisable sculpted heads from photographs. In fact, Holloway Products has taken photography to the next level; V-bit carving from the customer’s own images or artwork onto hand selected veneers to create unique, one off pieces of artwork for the home or workplace.Whatever the challenge, give Holloway Products your requirements and it will provide the answer. To find out more, telephone 0208 594 4472.

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