The flexible, easy-to-install qualities of Sika-Trocal’s SGK system enabled a vital maintenance feature to be incorporated within the roof of a popular seaside pier without compromise to its aesthetically-pleasing design.

Felixstowe Pier in Suffolk was subject to a multimillion pound extension in September 2016. The development involved the construction of a 39 metre-long building housing a café, bar and amusement arcade. Contractors, S&G Industrial Roofing, was selected to install the pier’s mansard-style roof which needed to be rapid-enough to install to provide immediate weather protection, as well as offer the flexibility to incorporate a hidden maintenance walkway. Sika-Trocal’s SGK system met both requirements to perfection.

Roof work on the £3 million pier project began in February 2017. Due to the new building’s seaside location it was vital its exposed timber trusses were made weathertight as quickly as possible to prevent issues with damp and water ingress. Sika-Trocal SGK provided the rapid and effective waterproof solution.

An adhered single-ply membrane, Sika-Trocal SGK is suitable for new-build and refurbishment applications. As well as being quick and simple to install, the system offers long-term guarantee against water ingress whilst providing buildings with a uniform, aesthetically-pleasing finish.
To create the standing seam-effect on the mansard-design roof, Sika-Trocal SE profile – an extruded, semi-flexible, PVC profile – was welded to the surface of the 1.5mm thick, light grey-coloured SGK membrane. Sika-Trocal Walkway WPB 20 protection sheet provided the ‘hidden’ maintenance feature.

With outstanding resistance to weathering, the Sika-Trocal Walkway WPB 20 was welded to the membrane, allowing the roof to be easily accessed without the need for costly and intrusive equipment such as scaffolding.

Sika-Trocal Type ‘S’ system provided waterproof protection for the walkway’s parapet details. Mechanically-fixed, the single-ply, 1.5mm thick, light grey-coloured Type ‘S’ membrane is generally regarded as the most rapid and economic roof system to apply; a superb watertight offering for a wide range of roofing details such as rooflights and vents.

Sean Partridge, Senior Director at S&G Industrial Roofing, said: “The most challenging aspect of the project was keeping the roof watertight during installation. The Sika-Trocal SGK membrane offered very fast coverage, keeping the trusses dry and preventing delamination.

“The Sika-Trocal membrane’s fully-welded joints, which created the guttering around the parapets, meant the entire mansard walkway became a gutter. This made for very effective water run-off – a process that wouldn’t have been possible with a conventional metal box gutter.”

The 500m2 roof’s project was completed in July 2017 in time for the pier’s grand reopening. The superb practicality and waterproof qualities of Sika-Trocal’s SGK system, which comes with a 15-year guarantee, has provided the redeveloped seaside attraction with a roof that scales the heights in terms of watertightness, accessibility and aesthetics.

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